“The world is changing rapidly and we’ve reached an inflection point of global trends shaping the future. This is also impacting the industrial real estate sector. Our customers are specifically looking for solutions for the new (last mile) supply chain, which is surprisingly still an undefined and untapped segment. It must (and can) be done in a greener, smarter, and better way. We have to combine forces!

Through commitment to the net zero carbon neutrality challenge, we provide urban real estate that supports the new, CO2 neutral supply chain.

We do things differently and all based upon our very own foundational pillars.

We are URBZ Capital.”

Ali & Bram
Founders URBZ Capital

Urban real estate that supports

the new last mile supply chain


We are the new generation, we are URBZ

We believe that we must not only act upon the change we see, but be its driving force. Our real estate philosophy will transform urban logistics. Together with our customers, we will bring about a better and more sustainable future for all.

Investing in the future

What we do today affects us tomorrow. We focus on more than just real estate. We invest in the communities, cities and supply chains of the future. We want to create a better place and a sustainable legacy for the next generation. Why? Because we want to challenge the traditional investment community. With every investment, we stick to our three core foundational principles.

Challenging the status quo

It all starts with the customer. What they prioritize, we put first. What they need, we strive to provide. Today, our customers are already facing pain points in the last and most critical leg of their (future) supply chains, known as the last mile. We accommodate our customer’s growth and alleviate their pain points by taking on their challenges. To do so, we provide urban property solutions in key Northern European cities by managing, developing and investing in urban real estate.

What we believe in

We believe in an economy that is more resilient, better armed to use technology and digitalization and above all: greener. We also identified key market trends as a tailwind for industrial real estate. These elements will continue to shape the world we live in and provide us with an interesting challenge.

Embracing these trends and doing things differently in our very own way will spark many opportunities and by the way also stronger and more sustainable returns. We do strive to be the best in our industry, but we do not measure our success solely by our returns or the size of our company. We focus on what truly matters.

Creating balance

We believe in a balance between today and tomorrow. A balance between growth and sustainability, profit and sharing, and above all: work and life. If you agree with us or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk.