“The world is changing rapidly and we’ve reached an inflection point of global trends shaping the future. This is also impacting the industrial real estate sector. Our customers are specifically looking for solutions for the new (last mile) supply chain, which is surprisingly still an undefined and untapped segment. It must (and can) be done in a greener, smarter, and better way. We have to combine forces!

Through commitment to the net zero carbon neutrality challenge, we provide urban real estate that supports the new, CO2 neutral supply chain.

We do things differently and all based upon our very own foundational pillars.

We are URBZ Capital.”

Ali & Bram
Founders URBZ Capital

About us


Time to introduce ourselves

We are Ali and Bram, the founding partners of URBZ Capital. Our combined experience in the European industrial real estate industry reaches up to 35 years. We share the same values and passion and have built a complementary set of skills within that industry. We have done this in executive roles; covering investments, fund and asset management, equity raising and investor relations, research, development, leasing and customer relations.

Joining forces means combining the best of both worlds. We are extremely passionate about real estate, logistics, supply chain management and new technologies. We want to make our contribution to the transitioning economy. We thrive when we connect with people. We are convinced that our flexibility, no-nonsense approach, velocity and embracement of partnerships are critical components for our (future) success.

Ali Nassiri - Founding Partner


Bram Verhoeven - Founding Partner