“The world is changing rapidly and we’ve reached an inflection point of global trends shaping the future. This is also impacting the industrial real estate sector. Our customers are specifically looking for solutions for the new (last mile) supply chain, which is surprisingly still an undefined and untapped segment. It must (and can) be done in a greener, smarter, and better way. We have to combine forces!

Through commitment to the net zero carbon neutrality challenge, we provide urban real estate that supports the new, CO2 neutral supply chain.

We do things differently and all based upon our very own foundational pillars.

We are URBZ Capital.”

Ali & Bram
Founders URBZ Capital



What we do

We are an asset manager, investor and developer of urban ‘green’ (logistics) real estate. The landscape of the industrial real estate market is rapidly changing. We see the most immediate need for a solution in the cities that experience high population densities and trendsetting consumers with growing disposable incomes. These conurbations will witness the strongest demand for urban logistics space.

We are focused

We focus on urban logistics solutions in key Northern European agglomerations with more than one million consumers. This covers the main cities and population areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. With approximately 125 million consumers in total, this region is the most densely populated area in Europe. Its urbanization rates are elevated compared to the global and European average. We believe that this region in particular will benefit from the three tailwinds we identified.

How we achieve our goals

Urban logistics real estate is difficult to profile. The market is severely underserved and undefined. Therefore, it is subject to significant change and structural growth. Customer requirements should not be defined by distance, but by time. A 20 to 40 minute drive time or 30 minute bike ride to a major customer base is optimal for 'last mile' transport. As there is not a one size fits all approach, we are actively pursuing a variety of urban real estate opportunities in select markets that meet our strategic view. This varies from the acquisition of standing investments and renovations to redevelopments, reconversions and covered land plays.

Your partner in transformation

The actual challenge is to start defining urban logistics real estate. We will work together with our customers to address their challenges and define their requirements. Well-positioned and well-designed urban logistics hubs can help manage last mile supply chain complexities, optimize supply chain costs and exceed the service-level needs of tomorrow’s consumer. We embrace this and create the real estate supporting the supply chains of the future.