“The world is changing rapidly and we’ve reached an inflection point of global trends shaping the future. This is also impacting the industrial real estate sector. Our customers are specifically looking for solutions for the new (last mile) supply chain, which is surprisingly still an undefined and untapped segment. It must (and can) be done in a greener, smarter, and better way. We have to combine forces!

Through commitment to the net zero carbon neutrality challenge, we provide urban real estate that supports the new, CO2 neutral supply chain.

We do things differently and all based upon our very own foundational pillars.

We are URBZ Capital.”

Ali & Bram
Founders URBZ Capital

PropertyEU interview Ali Nassiri (video)

Published: 07-10-2021

Introducing Ali Nassiri managing partner and co-founder of URBZ Capital. In this video Ali introduces his new company and the key trends that are propelling his strong beliefs in the urban logistics/last mile sector.

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